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Established since 1974, Alfa International Pte Ltd is a privately held corporation based in Singapore, offering food & beverage (F&B) professionals an extensive range of wines from both the Old and New World. Alfa International specializes in unique handcrafted and hard-to-find wines that are highly acclaimed and often produced in allocated quantities. They work exclusively with these dedicated winemakers, who have their own story to tell about their wines. Representing some of the most renowned and outstanding wineries in the world, Alfa International is the sole distributing agent in Singapore and Indonesia.

Carefully selected winemakers work hand in hand with Alfa’s team to bring you the best of individual terroirs. Their wellbalanced portfolio includes wines from France, Italy Spain, Austria, Australia, & New Zealand representing 50 wineries. Some notable French wineries included Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss in Alsace, Domaine Georges Vernay, Domaine Andre Brunel, Domaine Alain Graillot in the Rhone. Other notable wineries include Isole e Olena in Tuscany, Alvaro Palacios is Spain, Mt Difficulty in New Zealand.

Alfa International is one of the pioneers, in South-East Asia, to use online platform to offer exquisite selection andcomprehensive knowledge to wine lovers and novices. With the establishment of platform, it targets individuals and companies. This year, they will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of with a line-up of publicity and promotional activities that we would gladly invite our partners/wineries to participate. Over the years, Alfa international proved to be a steady growing and profitable company.

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