OLA Cocina Del Mar

OLA Cocina Del Mar, which loosely translates as WAVE – Cuisine of the Sea, is a contemporary Spanish restaurant and bar that serves up live seafood at its finest. Working with only the best seasonal produce, the essence of OLA is to present traditional cuisine in a homely and casual atmosphere where customers can relax and have fun.

Stepping into OLA, one feels almost instantly at home with the cosy ambience and thoughtful service team who never fail to surprise with their genuine hospitality. With an open kitchen that takes center stage in the restaurant, guests are invited to watch and interact with the chefs as they chop, blend, grill, and cook.

At the heart and soul of OLA is Chef/Owner Daniel Chavez. Every dish in the OLA menu displays the finesse of Chef Daniel’s cooking style that he has honed over an illustrious 18-year career. Ingredients are married together to complement and highlight the flavours of the sea – what entails are dishes that are tasty, light and refreshing to the palate.

Chef: Daniel Chavez

Event Information:
Contemporary Spanish Gastronomy with the wines of Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro