MORSELS is the brainchild of Chef Bryan and Petrina. Upon returning to Singapore in 2012, the couple decided to venture into the outskirts of Little India and establish their oasis in a quaint pre-war shophouse at Mayo Street in 2013.

MORSELS literally means small bites, and that`s how food is served. It is a reflection of how both chefs love to eat and drink. The menu is a reflection of their experience globetrotting, memories of childhood, and new ideas culminating. The food philosophy at MORSELS, is making food from scratch, encompassing all six profiles of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami and of late, smoke. At MORSELS, you would find not only food that is creative, progressive and interesting, their choice of wine, sake and beers are carefully procured.

MORSELS strives to provide a space that delivers quality, heartfelt food, with an ambience that is casual, rustic and designed by Chef Petrina. Your meal is to be enjoyed slowly, and it should remind you of good times shared with family and friends.

MORSELS has received many accolades, and awards, but life doesn’t end there. Both chefs keep striving to constantly innovate and create.

Chef: Bryan Chia & Petrina Loh

Event Information:
The Cuisine of Chef Bryan Chia and Petrina Loh with the wines of Honig Vineyard & Winery