Chef Soutsos Dimitrios

Born and raised in Athens, 1977, Chef Soutsos Dimitrios was not always a chef.He started as an employee in an insurance company, and took a big step to leave, and to follow his culinary dreams.

Growing up, Dimitrios’s family always had their meals together at the dinner table. He and his family would take turns cooking meals for everyone, which in the subsequentyears helped him navigate through the professional kitchen with ease and finesse.

With every year that passed, Dimitrio’s love for gastronomy grew, and in 1999, he landed his first job as a cook. From there, he travelled to many places and worked in different hotels and restauarnts, learning as much as he could.

He worked in almost 10 different hotels and restaurants, such as Cyprus Atlantica Hotel, Santorini Selene Restaurant, Mykonos Coo Restaurant and the Kalamata Horizion Blu Hotel.

But no matter which part of the world he is, Domitrios will always stay close to his roots. He enjoys cooking modern Greek cuisine, and has lately been working on an interesting mixture of Greek and Japanese.

“This is why I love cooking,”” he said, “”Merely coming into contact with every ingredient makes me feel closer to our nature and roots.”

Establishment: Alati Divine Greek Cuisine

Event Information: The Flavours of Greece