Chef Issachar Lee

Le Cordon Bleu (Le Grand Diplôme, Paris & Bangkok) trained Issachar Lee runs the day-to-day operations in Lollapalooza’s kitchen. He is always finding innovative ways to integrate fresh, daily produce into the “signatures”.Other than being the former chef-owner of Kaixo restaurant (2012-2014), his work experience includes:

– Restaurant Martin Berasategui, Spain (3*)
– San Pellegrino’s Top 50 best restaurants in the world (no. 29 in 2011)
– Guy Savoy, Singapore (Marina Bay Sands Casino)
– Hediard Restaurant, Paris 8E
– Restaurant Auguste, Paris 7E(1*)

Establishment: Lollapalooza

Event Information: Best Seasonal Produce with the wines of Dourthe