Chef David Nicolas Senia

A vibrant and effervescent personality, Chef David Senia helms the culinary team at Capella Singapore. Staying true to the Capella experience, as the Director of Culinary, Chef Senia is responsible for creating unique and memorable dining experiences for each guest.

Throughout his years of experience, Chef Senia has his skills of culinary excellence by and blending the best of eastern and western flavours. He believes in drawing inspiration from new experiences with the local flavours and ingredients and blending it with the various techniques acquired from his stints around the world.

Chef Senia has participated in numerous events such as the World Gourmet Summit in 2002 where he received the Award of Excellence. During his time in Japan, Chef Senia also taught in the established Tsuji Cooking Academy in Osaka. He was also awarded the “Young Rising Chef Award” by the Ritz-Carlton Company Worldwide.

Establishment: Capella Singapore

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Flavours of Europe Culinary Workshops