Housed in an open plan shophouse on the up and coming HongKong Street, the 36-seater Bacchanalia has no walls between the multiple kitchen counters and dining tables, reducing the distinction between guests, servers and chefs. Guests will be walked through the kitchen before being seated for their meal, helping to create informality and allowing guests to actively engage with the chefs and the cooking. Designed by Singapore based interior design firm, Distillery, Bacchanalia is outfitted in leather, wood, stainless steel and granite, while it’s walls are adorned with traditional ikat textiles from Southeast Asia.

Bacchanalia continues to reflect a strong commitment to responsible sourcing and cutting edge cooking methods to create new flavour combinations and reinterpret traditions. The majority of ingredients are obtained from regional producers. These include a range of heirloom herbs and vegetables from Bacchanalia’s organic farm in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, rare tropical fruits from Penang, garnish herbs and flowers from the restaurant’s backyard garden, and local fish and seafood from an aquaponics farm in Singapore.

Pairing these ingredients with techniques from around the world, Bacchanalia presents novel new dishes like pickled Japanese sardine with sweet corn, spring onion purée and chickpea cream, and interpretations of familiar flavours with the coconut risotto with Thai inspired garnish. A few timeless classics will remain, including French onion soup and a harvest salad made from the best fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers available on the day. They are innovative dishes best described as modern cuisine from the crossroads of cooking.

Chef: Ivan Brehm

Event Information:
The Culinary Artistry of Chef Ivan Breham with the wines of The Ojai Vineyard